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Ahoy is an Ad Tech & Mar Tech company with Data Centric Approach, Niche and Innovative performance tracking capabilities in particular to Online to Offline space. Our focus is to give an end to end solution with an EYE on ROI and Performance on Digital/Mobile Spends.s

AHOY founded in 2011 with a vision to focus to empower Digital Marketers & Advertisers to measure and capture the last mile interaction or transaction level details on Digital Campaigns while delighting the Digital users with Location-Preference & Profile at the right MICRO MOMENTS.
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Given that over 95% of the interactions and transactions happen in the Offline space, AHOY has developed a propriety platform which can be integrated via OTT approach with any Large/Medium or Small enterprise in matter of hours in a seamless manner via multiple options.

Ahoy brings tailored solution for Advertisers/marketers to provide Most compelling end to end solutions to target right digital users with via online real time dashboard. Our promise is to deliver maximum returns for every click. We are passionate about to keep you one step ahead of competition.
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End to End Solutions
Target Right Digital Users
Real Time Dashboard
Deliver Maximum Returns
Ahoy is the only company in India having capability to Register Transactions in real time across 100+ Indian Cities and 5000+ third party Point of Sale Systems in the Offline Space!!
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